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The content of this website informs you about our Hanging Systems for picture frames and parts/equipment for serial production.

Through the past years we have developed several of these Systems and we have built special machines to improve production-levels of picture-frame-production.


The wire-hanging-systems are applicable for all wooden frames  from 250 mm / 9 7/8" to 1250 mm / 49 1/8" in max. weight 5 KG / 11 lbs.

For heavier wooden frames/mirrors, our wire-hanging-systems are applicable for wooden frames from 800 mm / 31 1/2" to 1800 mm / 70 7/8" in max. weight 20 KG / 44 lbs.

Machines and frame-parts,

The machines are for use in serial-production for wooden- or aluminum frames as listed;

Three user-groups,

You can find all information, photo’s and movies through the direct links, but we have also made three clusters for covering the needs of different customers. This can help you to find your suitable products.


Here you find systems for use by framers.


Here you find the information for serial-production

Single sale (shops/framers)

Here you find the systems for sale in your shop