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System 3

System 3 package

System-3 for Serial-Production

With this system, you avoid additional work to provide your wooden frames with a hanging system.

It speeds up your production when you pre-mark and work with an automatic screw-feeder. Adjuster and clamps are attached to the wire and it's ready for use. No separate metal-parts.

Systems can easy be picked-up from the bundles.

System-3 for Framers

This system can also be used together with the Wiredock, but also in a framers-usual method.

For this, 10 systems are packed and ready for direct use.

The 10-pack also contains 30 excellent screws to make it complete.

This system is adjustable for end-users.

Systems/Wires can be used for frames in all different shapes. The normal square-frames, but also the oval, round or even rectangular frames!