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System-5 is for more heavy frames. The system is without adjuster and no parts are connected to the frame.

The system is available in 5 lengths and all systems are single packed, including the inlay, screws and clamps.

It covers wooden frames/mirrors from (glassdimension) 800 mm - 1800 mm / 31 1/2" - 70 3/4".


The single bags can be added into ready-made heavy-frames/mirrors final packing. It saves you time and there is no need to add a static hanger on the frame.

Single Sale (Shops and Framers)

The single bags are also excellent items for shop-sale for use on heavy-frame/mirrors etc.

For use on 20+ KG / 44+ lbs-frames we advise you to combine our system with static-plates.

Systems/Wires can be used for frames in all different shapes. The normal square-frames, but also the oval, round or even rectangular frames!